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Summer is the time to explore the glorious mountains of the high country. With a wonderfully wet & snowy winter behind us, we'll have longer to wait for the trails and high passes to open up, but it'll be worth it. We especially love the Wind Rivers, and this year we plan on making several multiple day forays into this amazing range. This week the latest issue of American Angler magazine hit the stands, and I'm happy to see a photo essay of mine included amongst so many insightful articles. The photo essay focuses on getting into the backcountry with my daughters and is a compilation of many trips we've enjoyed over the years. Hopefully, it'll inspire others to introduce their loved ones to the wonders of our natural landscape, so the next generation can continue to appreciate and protect what we have right here in our backyard.

What a Great Winter!

What a wonderful winter to live here in the Wasatch Mountains! We’ve enjoyed exceptional snow since the start of the season, and we look forward to a couple more great months before winter bows its head and passes on the torch to the next season. Photos by Laurie & Chris Morgan

The 2018-19 Winter Season is Here!

Let the snow fall and the content flow! The above videos are: A) Opening Day at Snowbasin Resort, B) shots at sunrise at the top of Snowbasin on Opening Day, C) a Mountain Collective ad featuring Kalen Thorien on the Grizzly downhill that we shot late last season, and D) a short theater advertisement featuring Alexandra Pallas that will be playing in local theaters. Pray for Snow!

Winter 2017-18

Winter 2017-18

There's nothing like a rotator cuff and SLAP tear surgery to slow down your pace of life. Fortunately, it also gave me time to sort through all my digital assets and get somewhat organized.  Here is an amalgamation of the photos and videos I shot over the past winter season.  Enjoy.


I've been working on a lot of different projects lately, but there's a great satisfaction in shooting, editing, and releasing a video all in the same say.  These three videos were created that way without weeks or months of editing, tweaking, second guessing, and waiting for the right time to release the product to the world.  Enjoy and pray for more snow!

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