After Effects Work

It has been a while since I posted anything, but it's not like I haven't been busy. I've completed a lot a different projects in the last few months, primarily focusing on commercial work which has given me the opportunity to work on my After Effects skills.  Below are a couple of videos that represent some of the After Effects work I've been doing lately.  

The first video is a slideshow for the Ogden Valley Winter Sports Foundation that utilizes a script that allows the photos to change to the beat of the music.  The script can be purchased at AE Scripts.

The second video is an ad for the Imagine Ballet Theatre using shots I took around Ogden, Utah.  I inserted various text in After Effects and imported the tracking data from Mocha AE.  The ad turned out better than I expected.

The third video was used in IBT's ballet, Alice: Adventures in Wonderland and was projected on a large scrim when Alice falls down the rabbit hole.  This piece utilizes footage shot against a green screen in the dance studio and was composited in After Effects.  A little time remapping and an overall color look using Magic Bullet Looks and voila!

The last video is a proposed ad I threw together for the Utah Olympic Park in Park City.  I used a baseline After Effects comp another graphics designer created and modified it for this specific spot with video I shot last summer, some creative commons music by Jason Shaw, and audio effects from the Apple Final Cut Suite library.

That's not all I've been doing, but it gives a good feel for the kind of work I've been spending my time on this spring.


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