Amazing Story Apps: Storehouse and Steller

Being a very recent convert to the word of the iPhone, I recently discovered the iPad/iPhone apps Storehouse & Steller.  Both apps let users use their own multi-media to create stories along the lines of more expensive and complicated online stories, such as those created by the NY Times and Powder Magazine.  

This link on the right is to the Storehouse version of the story, which is presented in more of a scrolling article format that's great for high fidelity photos.

Over at Steller, which features more of a flipbook type presentation, I was pleasantly surprised to see a larger community and quickly a lot of people were reading and liking my stories....which is exactly the point of posting stories in the first place.  Here is the same story about Kokanee salmon, but in the Steller flipbook format.  Enjoy.

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