Kokanee Salmon

I love living in a state with distinct seasons, and I look forward to every autumn as it brings a massive wave of change in weather and colors.  Here in northern Utah the maples are first to change with their brilliant oranges and reds, then the aspen with their shimmering waves of glowing yellow, and finally the majestic, sprawling oaks which turn a somber maroon as a final farewell to our Indian Summer.  

During this time some of the rivers above our lakes and reservoirs explode with crimson as thousands of land-locked Sockeye salmon, known as Kokanee, make their lives' final journey upriver to spawn.  Within half an hour of my home is a trailhead that leads to one such small river.  In September I hiked to the river to take photos and video of the small salmon.  While I posted the multi-media story on Steller and Storehouse, I forgot to post the video here.  As the Wasatch Range becomes dusted with our first real winter storm, I thought it would be a good time to post the video before the excitement and activities of the winter season lead to me forgetting about it until next spring.  Here it is...better late than never.  

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