Rosa's Cafe

Rosa's Cafe is one of the most recent additions to Ogden's thriving culinary scene.  This tiny restaurant on Washington Avenue opened last year, and since then Momma Rosa and family have delighted guests with their homemade recipes made with only the freshest ingredients.  Chile Verde burrito, Chile Colorado smothered, the weekly Mole's all delicious.  It's no secret among my family and friends that this is my absolute favorite place to eat.  

I love this hard working family, and yesterday I shot the first footage for a video telling the story of how Rosa's Cafe came to be.  Look forward to the finished video in the months ahead.  In the meantime, head down to 2660 Washington Boulevard, ask Ida what she recommends, and enjoy the best Mexican food in Northern Utah.

Two Sherpas LLC, 801-644-7045,