1 Minute Videos

As I do late spring cleaning of my hard drives and consolidate project files in preparation for our summer travels, I didn't want to simply file away long b-roll assembly videos of the various drone footage I've shot since last summer.  I did make the b-roll assemblies, but I also created some one minute long videos utilizing the best of the drone shots.  Aerial views are spectacular, but as more and more people venture into the world of flying drones the world is becoming inundated with numerous aerial shots of all sorts of places, people, and things.  That being said, I'm still a sucker for a nice aerial shot, especially if it features a location that's especially beautiful or remote.  The videos here were shot either on the Phantom 4 or the newer Mavic Pro.  Both of the drones are amazing creations utilizing the best and latest technologies & engineering -- the way the Mavic Pro folds to such a small size is a wonder of creativity and design.  While I don't fly the drones often, just one or two shots can add a special touch to most videos.

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