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The wonderful world of Multi-Media

While my primary focus has been creating videos that tell a story, the world of storytelling has really evolved and grown more complex over the past few years with clients now needing media in many various forms and flavors.  Over the past year, I've been expanding into written content (American Angler article, ZEAL blog stories, Orvis articles, Storehouse & Steller stories, etc.).  Facebook, blogs, Storehouse app, and the Steller app to name a few outlets provide excellent platforms for clients to reach out and tell their stories to a wide audience.  In addition to more written and photographic content, I've also been supplying video in different formats to again reach different audiences.  The video below is a standard 1080p video to be embedded anywhere on the web, but I also created a fifteen second Instagram version for SKILOGIK to use on their Instagram feed (@SKILOGIK).

It's an exciting time.  Democratization of storytelling is hitting its stride bringing an unparalleled ability to get out there and tell a story in an almost unlimited way.  This freedom does come with its own set of difficulties; number one being the problem of standing out amongst the din of so much constant media.  I believe a strong focus on the message, the branding, and specialization to hone the message to a select audience is the only way to successfully catch the attention of audience members.

Time will tell which outlets stand the test of time, but in the meantime it's a very fun time in history.  Within moments of an event, that photo/story/video can be shared through a multitude of outlets.  With a bit more time to refine the media - to edit, enhance, contemplate a bit more outside of the excitement of the moment - the story can be made even better.  This is the exciting part to me.  There are so many stories out there to be told.  So many interesting people.  With technology being affordable and outlets being accessible this truly is the Golden Age of Creativity.

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